Tekken Tag Tournament For PC


Tekken Tag Tournament, being the first Tekken title for the PC, featured vastly detailed graphics and improved quality music. It was also notable for having the largest character roster in the series until the release of Tekken 6, boasting an extravagant 39 characters, all returning from the previous installments in the series, save for Unknown, the boss character, and Tetsujin, a costume swap for Mokujin. Unknown is similar to Mokujin in that she can replicate other fighting styles, but she can also switch styles by clicking the right analogue stick. Both Unknown and Tetsujin have only appeared in this game. Finally, its most important feature is its tag system. A player selects two characters and may tag out between them to utilize special combos and throws. Characters can be tagged out to recover energy, but if one character is KO'd, the round ends. When in Team Battle mode, the fights are also tag fights unless there is one person left on a team where they will fight alone.

Snap Shoot



Extract the file via winrar

Open TEKKEN TAG.exe file

Game is now open (depend on your system speed)

After open a game select Tekken Tag and Enter

Type OK for conformation
Now your game is start


(5) - for credit or Insert Coin
(1) - Start Player 1
(Ctrl) (Alt) (Space bar) (Z) (X) fighting button


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  1. I download this game two times but it shows only 20 fighters
    is this game is demo please reply

  1. Anonymous said...:

    @Utkarsh Bhatnagar

    I think u need to unlock other characters...

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  1. Anonymous said...:



  1. Please tell me how can i unlock the remaining characters i have ended this game many times but still the characters are 20

  1. Anonymous said...:

    how can i change settings and how can i unlock other characters?

  1. Soul Surfer said...:

    Tekken 6 is a full of action fighting game, you can download it free here


  1. Skills said...:

    King gamer

    Great work admin the game is awesome and running good on my system thanks

  1. Junaid Khattak said...:

    Admin, I am thankful to you because you have given me a great fighting game and I love this version, but you have not shared the complete information and other thins, so you can downloadgamesfull from the above link. It will be working and free.

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